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"I cannot live without books." 

                  Thomas Jefferson


News from HIGHLANDER PRESS . . . 

The COVID 19 pandemic continues, as society goes on struggling to gain a foothold in troubled times. Here at HIGHLANDER PRESS work continues on two projects: the first is the true story of a young man from Saratoga County, New York who was accepted as a midshipman in training at the U.S. Naval Academy in December 1859. Oliver Batcheller's letters home to his family (230 original letters are permanently held by the Naval Academy's Special Collections department) offer a unique glimpse into Academy life and then life as an eye witness participant in the naval blockade of the Confederacy starting in April 1861. The second project is entitled THE ACCIDENTAL NAVAL OFICER, a creative non-fiction account of my ten-plus years of service in the U.S. Navy 1980 - 1991. Both projects have been in production for sometime now. I am eager to bring closure to them and move onto new endeavors. Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season. Stay safe out there. 
                                           Rod Haynes,

Quebec City Library

Quebec City Library

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Quebec City Church

Barrington River Rhode Island

IMG_1297 (2).JPG

Cape Cod Shoreline

IMG_1081 (2).JPG

Quebec City Catholic Church

IMG_1007 (2).JPG

Portland Maine Harbor

IMG_1158 (2).JPG

Sturbridge Village Massachusetts

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Lake Padden Bellingham Washington


Silver Lake New Hampshire

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