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On Marketing Books

I recently read that a good tactic for authors lacking wide readership is to give away copies of their work. Over the past two months I have done just that, to the tune of over 150 books. It's an expensive proposition for a small-time operator like me, but I think this approach is beginning to generate interest, at least in the immediate area where I live. I am hoping a local newspaper will interview me about my research behind writing BEFORE THE SCRAMBLE sometime in the next few weeks. I am also hoping to arrange a few readings at two or three local libraries and am looking for other forums like book club gatherings, art venues, and other community gatherings where I might do readings. I have sent, maybe, 70 postcard sized book marks to academic institutions in Africa, theological seminaries, and American university African Studies faculty members to try and generate interest in the book. I also learned that the Sutherland clan (James Sutherland is the protagonist in BEFORE THE SCRAMBLE) has a North American organization which disseminates clan-related information, invites membership, and the like. I was lucky when they agreed to post a book review of BEFORE THE SCRAMBLE in their most recent newsletter. So the name of the game, as I see it, is creativity. I have posted notices on my FACEBOOK page and building this website has also helped me spread the word about what I think is a unique read. Rod H.

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