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Books Available from Highlander Press


The following books are available for purchase at, Kindle, and other retail outlets:

Before The Scramble: A Scottish Missionary's Tale
In the winter of 1880 evangelist James Sutherland departs Wick, Scotland to serve as a missionary for the Free Church of Scotland in British Central Africa just before the Scramble for Africa among the European imperial powers begins. Living among native Africans, he maintains a journal, and writes vivid letters home detailing  trials with witch doctors, wild animals, and tropical diseases. 
Zoeys Tale and Other Short Fiction

Acclaimed Poet Simon Ortiz writes, "There are no truths, only stories." Zoey's Tale shares poignant stories about past regret, the promise of redemption, baseball, a section of poetry, and other sketches of life by author Rod Haynes. The book is intended for readers who enjoy stories about the human condition.


100 Bowen Street and Other Life Stories

In the spring of 1974 two 18-year old boys leave northern Rhode Island on a 60-day cross-country journey across America aboard a Greyhound bus. 100 BOWEN STREET chronicles the true-life adventures of these young men, including additional stories from the turbulent 1970s.

Rogues Island Memoir
(Free River Press, Decatur, Iowa, Publisher)

A true coming-of-age story set in the northern Rhode Island village of Limerock starting in the mid-1960s. Seemingly safe from the social unrest, urban chaos, and unpopular war traumatizing the rest of America, the death of the authors' fourteen-year-old sister in September 1968 leaves his family in shambles. Meanwhile, the angry forces of a world gone mad draw closer and closer to home. (Please note: there was a single printing of this book in 2001. It is now available on-line in used condition only, with a 2nd edition planned for publishing in the future.)


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